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Wholesale cookware sales.

The divide n cook frying pan set is the best wholesale cookware sales product on offer.

Just think if you made the 14 dollar offer of:

  • Three part frying pan
  • 2 part griddle
  • steam lid
  • vegetable and fruit slicer
  • recipe book
how exciting it would be for customers.

And there`s no reason why you could not charge 19.99, others do for a very similar frying pan set.

It is a great deal, but you may be surprised to learn it is not a loss leader.

We have stripped out inefficiency in our operation and unlike others do not need to pass on the high cost of infomercial advertising and air time

Email us and let us know where you are and how many sets you would like and we`ll get back with generous trade pricing for you.

Wholesale cookware sales including international and distributer enquiries welcome


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Frying pan set home
Frying pan
Frying pan lid
Fruit and vegetable slicer
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Wholesale cookware sales
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12in 3 bowl frying pan
10in 2 bowl griddle
12in frying pan lid
fruit and vegetable slicer
Bonus recipe book

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