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The 3 part frying pan is 12 inches across.

That is a whole foot.

Try and take a ruler or tape to the frying pans in your kitchen.

Most frying pans are 10 to 10.5 inches across.

All this space is split into three deep bowls so you can cook different food in different bowls.

Like using three pans.

The frying pan `s large area lets you shift the pan around on the hob.

A little more heat on one bowl a little less on another.

Just direct your hotspot to deal with different cooking times

Talking about hotspots, this large frying pan makes the kitchen a safer, more relaxed space.

Family bickering is reduced as you can have different heats of curry or with and without the spinach.

Family portions can be cooked at once.

The large surface makes the frying pan more stable so it will not tip over as easily as other pans, and of course there is just one pan to watch.

Obviously, heat resistant handles and non stick surface are part of the design and one frying pan means less washing up.

Less obviously, a large frying pan can do double duty when entertaining.

Fill the bowl with crisps, nuts, dips or crudités and pass it around.

This 12inch frying pan is something you will use everyday.

Other frying pans simply do not measure up.

Surprisingly, a 1 foot frying pan does not mean you have to foot a large bill.

Your frying pan plus the griddle, fruit and vegetable slicer and recipe book are just 14 dollars with 6 dollar delivery.


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