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The frying pan set griddle

Those griddle stripes on food in restaurants are impressive.

But up to now to have them at home, you would have needed to buy a dedicated griddle.

Either very wide or cast iron, heavy and causing damage if dropped, and brittle and likely to break if washed hot.

Fairly impractical, not to mention bulky and space cluttering.

The frying pan set griddle doubles as a frying pan.

In other words a cooking pan you can use everyday, rather than an indulgence used only when you want griddle stripes.

But a griddle is more than a frying pan.

It makes for healthier frying.

The griddle ridges which make those desirable stripes also lift your food away from the fat which runs off meat and away from excess oil on your vegetables.

Of course the frying pan set griddle is non stick and has two bowls.

So you can cook without flavors mixing.

So, great stripy presentation, a healthier way to fry supplied with a second frying pan and a steam lid and a fruit and vegetable slicer.

The frying pan set griddle has earned its stripes


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