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Frying pan set

Here is an amazing frying pan set deal.

14 dollars buys you a box crammed full of frying pan goodies.

  • One of those swish 3 section 12in frying pans
  • A two part 10in griddle pan
  • a special steam release frying pan lid
  • a vegetable and fruit slicer
  • and an inspirational recipe book

Similar As Seen on TV frying pan sets sell for a lot more, as you are expected to pay for all those ads!

So if you have not seen the hoo ha hoopla, what`s so great about this cookware?

Simply we are talking about frying pans for cooks who hate washing up.


Crispy potato. You add mushrooms which water, making your potato soggy.

Or rice that soaks up all the juice before it hits the table.

Or fine vegetables whose flavours sing, becoming a mish mash as you heat them up.

You can get over these problems by using different pans.

But let`s face it, meal times are too short!

The frying pan has three sections, and the griddle two to get over that mixed up food problem.

The griddle makes those dinky stripes you see on restaurant food and can sear meat and vegetables.

Most of us have secretly wanted those griddle stripes at home.

Both pans are of course non stick frying pans.

So what`s the deal with that lid?

You want to trap heat in when cooking, but not steam.

Steam creates sogginess.

The frying pan lid holds heat but releases steam and also makes a great splashguard.

The vegetable and fruit slicer speeds up food preparation time so you can say "now we are really cooking" quicker.

And the recipe book with potential future favorites?

Why not? We want you to get the most from your frying pan set.

So a great idea for a frying pan, in a great deal, in a great big box, for 14 dollars?

Can we send you this frying pan set?


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Bonus recipe book

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